Processing of kaolin raw materials of the "Alyans" deposit is carried out at the production site located on the territory of the deposit. The purpose of processing is to obtain enriched kaolin concentrate, a homogeneous composition with stable technological properties, as well as the extraction of associated beneficial components.

The enrichment process at our enterprise is carried out through a wet method and includes a set of operations for the initial preparation of kaolin materials, disintegration - dissolution in an aqueous medium, hydro-separation - separation of the main clay mineral - kaolinite from coarser fractions of impurities (quartz sands, quartz-kaolin mixtures) and coloring oxides.

The production technology used by the company is practically waste-free, since the enrichment process ensures the production of three useful raw materials: enriched kaolin, quartz-kaolin mixture and quartz sand.

The resulting enriched kaolins have firmly established themselves among consumers, with their high ductility and clay content. The use of this raw material is widespread at porcelain, ceramic and paint and varnish production enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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