The history of the discovery of the field dates back to 1993. The "Alyans" kaolin deposit was discovered as a result of a competition of the most promising production projects. To work in this direction, a geological department was created in 1993, and then in September 1994 the Alyans Mining Company began its work. This group studied materials on more than 70 deposits and manifestations of kaolin in Uzbekistan. As a result, almost unexplored manifestations of kaolins of the Ketmenchsky area were selected for exploration as the most satisfactory in quality and economically affordable.

Exploration and appraisal, preliminary and detailed exploration were carried out in 1994-1996 by the Alyans Mining Company in order to identify the raw material base for the design of an enterprise for the extraction and enrichment of kaolin. Exploration of the “Alyans” kaolin deposit was carried out without attracting state funds and investments of third-party organizations.

Historical report from the "Alliance" Deposit. 1996 year

Today the private company “GRK ALYANS” is a modern mining enterprise specializing in the extraction of raw kaolin, production of enriched grades of kaolin, quartz-kaolin mixtures and quartz sand. In its production, the company directs all efforts to the rational use of natural resources.

In cooperation with State Unitary Enterprise “Fan va Tarakkiyot” under the Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov, work is underway to implement the developed innovative project - “Development of non-waste technology for enriching kaolin from the "Alyans" deposit in order to expand the raw material base for the ceramic industry”.

At the moment projects are implemented  to modernize existing technology to increase production capacities of the enterprise.

Environmental policy

The environmental policy of the enterprise determines the principles, goals, objectives and main areas of activity of "GRK ALYANS" in the field of environmental protection and environmental safety in the long term. The obligation to protect the environment and ensure environmental safety covers all areas of the enterprise. We are strive to:

  • Ensure compliance of the activities of all employees of the enterprise with regard to environmental protection with the requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, regional and local laws, international agreements, and industry requirements.
  • Improve environmental performance of production by reducing harmful emissions and minimizing the amount of production waste.
  • Prevent pollution by improving the reliability of process equipment, ensuring its safe and trouble-free operation.
  • Conduct continuous, consistent work aimed at a more rational use of natural resources; reduce the specific consumption of electricity and water.
  • Implement a set of measures to prevent accidents and mitigate their potential consequences.
  • Improve the qualifications of personnel in the field of ecology, improve the environmental education of employees and guarantee strict compliance with environmental regulations by all employees of the enterprise.
  • Conduct an open dialogue with all interested parties (the public, executive authorities, customers, suppliers), providing them with information on the environmental friendliness of production.

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